Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Quick Update

I had a very nice, relaxing weekend. Spent most of Saturday goofing around with my fiance. We don't really celebrate Valentine's Day, but we slept in, had a meal and then walked around the lake for an hour or so at dusk. I spent the evening working on my gomlek while he worked on his armor. We were up until about 4 am watching Kingdom of Heaven and Hidalgo, neither of which have period garb, but it was more satisfying to watch that while working than, say, Shaun of the Dead (though it is my second favorite movie).

I spent most of Sunday oversleeping, then finishing the seams on my gomlek and putting off cutting the neck hole. I have a good template so I think now it's just laziness. Kyna drove up from Namron in the evening and we spent a lot of time talking about event season, how I need to stop dallying around and enter something in A&S competitions, and plans for next weekend.

I was invited to participate in Namron's "float" in our local Mardi Gras parade. The theme is something like a timeline of costume, so the new goal is to have everything done by Saturday. This is not so far out of my reach, I just need to budget my time wisely. I doubt I'll have the frogging on my kaftan by then, but I'm not too worried about it. In fact, I have my navy kaftan, so I could leave out working on that altogether, but it would be nice to have the new green one.

Garb Status:

(Almost) finished with gomlek. Just have to cut/finish the neck hole and trim/hem the sleeves and bottom edge. I'm estimating I will have it completely finished by Tuesday.

Progressing on kaftan. Putting on gores Monday unless I decide to put that project away until after the parade.

Washed chirka fabric, ready to cut Monday night. I can get away with not wearing this piece for the parade, but I would rather have it.

Washing entari fabric in Monday. Need to buy yellow lining fabric asap.

I can put off hemming the veil as long as I put some fray stop on the edges.

I need to take a look at my shoes and fix the buckle-thingies. Look for an article on accessories in the very near future!

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