Monday, March 23, 2009

The Anachronists' Encampment

The lovely and amazingly talented Lady Edyth Miller and her husband have just started a new blog all about period camping! On a budget! For those of you who don't follow her personal blog, The Completely Dressed Anachronist, you're missing out (even if you don't have an English persona). Edyth is a fun writer with great ideas and beautiful, meticulously researched garb. And I absolutely love the pictures she had taken the other day! She is definitely an inspiration for me as I wander along the path to authenticity.

One of the things I am most hopeful about seeing in Edyth and Dearg's blog is how they deal with the different personae issue. Dearg is Irish-Norse and a couple of centuries older than Edyth who is English. My fiance and I are currently saving up to make our first pavilion, but it has been difficult finding a compromise that both a 16th century Ottoman Turk and a 14th century Japanese samurai can agree upon. At this point we know we want a square pavilion, probably 10x10 or 12x12 (so it will fit in my car), but that is where negotiations cease. haha

Now if only Lady Edyth would allow comments on her blog so I can pick her brain! (hint hint!!)

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