Friday, May 1, 2009

Illuminated, Part II

So I went to Scribal Night tonight and was reunited with my simple little AoA scroll. Lady Shanna hooked me up with some paints (she let me take home a whole set!) and I got to work...

(by the way it's not really crooked, that's just from the way I was holding it up while I took the picture)

I think it's coming along quite nicely for my first scroll ever. I got lots of compliments on it from other people who were there which boosted my ego a bit... Okay, a ton.

I'm using kind of bright, obnoxious colors because they told me I could paint it however I liked and I figured it couldn't hurt anything to at least practice with primaries. That was also before I had really researched what Ansteorran scrolls look like. Guess I'll be a little more picky with my color choices next time.

Anyway, I asked Shanna if I could take home one or two more scrolls and she gave me this...

...which is the same scroll that both Cadfael and I received when we got our AoAs at Baronial. Speaking of my scroll, I completely forgot to share...

I absolutely adore it! It was done by a talented lady from The Steppes named Oranna (or possibly Osanna?) de Burgh. I wonder if the person who picked it out for me knew that fall colors are my favorite? My name is misspelled, but that doesn't even matter to me that much.

Shanna also gave me a scroll that someone else had abandoned, with the instructions to "pretty it up." I plan to use that one to acquaint myself with gold ink. It's the same as the scroll I'm currently painting.

I don't expect to ever draft my own scrolls or draw extremely intricate designs in the background or add in the recipient's coat of arms or calligraph it in some visually striking style, but I truly enjoy painting the charters and pattering along behind my mentors, HL Nicolaea, Lady Danielle and Lady Shanna.

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